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Irene Mohedano, born in Madrid with cordovan roots, has synchronized her studies in fine arts (UCM) with those in audiovisual communication, in which she has obtained the ESIC Excellence Award.

She lived and worked in Madrid while finishing both degrees. In the past years she has taken part in different exhibitions while she developes her own work.

She has been awarded with a Fulbright Scholarship for studying a Master in Critical Theory and the Arts at the School Visual Arts (SVA) in New York.

At present:

2015: Fulbright -MECD Grant: for Master studies in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences in USA

2015: Critical Theory and The Arts Scholarship: awarded by the department of Critical Theory ant the Arts of the SVA (School of Visual Arts) New York.

2015: Extraordinary Graduation Prize: awarded by Universidad Rey Juan Carlos for graduating with honors in Communication and Public Relations.

2014: Extraordinary Graduation Prize: awarded by ESIC for graduating with honors in Communication and Public Relations.

Workshop : "Arte de Acción y Performance" en La Trasera coordinado por Nieves Correa y Acción!MAD


      • 2015: La isla Utopia.”Paisajes de una guerra”.Finalist. Group Exhibition at Casa de Velázquez. Madrid Spain

      • 2015: En realidad. Group exhibition. Coordinator and artist. Cultural Center "El Foro". Madrid

      • 2015: Cuerpo y Poder. Pasaje Fuencarral 77. Group exhibition.Sponsored by Germany’s Embassy.

      • 2015: ARCO Art Fair. Selected Collaboration with the artist Pablo Valbuena in his performative artwork Veinticinco Mil Seiscientos Millones, Audemars Piguet Award 2015.

      • 2015: Process Art . Group exhibition. Fine Arts Hall. Universidad Complutense de Madrid

      • 2015: Exhibition Salón de Verano 2014. Centro Cultural Moncloa. Artwork: Basements of Culture.

      • 2015: Collaration in Libro Objeto ST "La Desmemoria". Presentation in MASQUELIBROS at the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid.

      • 2015: Action!MAD in Atelier. Sala de Arte Joven, Comunidad de Madrid. Performance: Walking Resistance.

      • 2015: Procesual art exhibition in La Trasera, Facultad de Arte (UCM). Performance: ConMemoria.

      • 2014: Finalist in the XII grants call Roberto Villagraz (EFTI), with the series Basements of Culture.

      • 2014: "MINIMOS" Galería Cero EFTI (Madrid) collective photograph exhibition.

      • 2014: "RESISTENCIA" Irene Mohedano and Sebastián Almazán. In “El Foro” cultural space in Pozuelo. Madrid

      • 2013: Exhibition “Ductus”: Gestos y Artefactos” Museo del Traje, Sala C arte Complutense, Madrid. With BEATING: REST. Catalina Ruiz-Mollá, Pablo Perera. Performer

      • 2013: SeAlquila Mercado. Chosen for the open competition for the collective exhibition in Mercado de La Cebada, La latina

      • 2013: "DesnudosDos. Tribute to Pérez-Mínguez" in "El Foro" cultural space of Pozuelo. Madrid