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La Isla Utopía Cuerpo y Poder En Realidad Salón de Verano
Resistencia (2014) Mínimos Ductus. Gestos y Artefactos Se alquila Mercado

La isla Utopia. "Paisajes de una guerra" Casa de Velázquez
The exhibition "La Isla Utopía" expects to review, from a modern perspective, a both important and symbolyc place as it is the Ciudad Universitaria: because of the events in that place (historical and political), because of the meaning of its natural spaces or their monuments (ancient or modern), or because its meaning for society. This is an exhibition with artists of different ages and mentallities. They approach the subject from very different points. This is not a political exhibition, although the subjects discussed are not neutral. It is not an historical exhibition either, although time plays a key role.

The exhibition "La Isla Utopía" belongs to the artistic project Paisajes de una guerra, whose actions will promote a modern vision of the project from the point of view of different modern artists.

Artists:Édourad BEAU, Bleda y Rosa, Pedro Luis CEMBRANOS, Daños colaterales, Mario ESPLIEGO, Marco GODOY, Olalla GÓMEZ, Diana LARREA, Chema LEDRADO, Irene MOHEDANO, Pepe MEDINA, Miguel Ángel REGO & Alessia PEDERZALI and Fernando SÁNCHEZ CASTILLO

Cuerpo y Poder. Pasaje Fuencarral 77. Organiza la Embajada Alemana
In "Cuerpo y Poder" we can enjoy the paintings, sculptures, installations, videoart, visual poetry and photographs by 84 artists from 12 countries. Art leaves the museums and galleries, abandones their usual sites and gets close to the public.

It is a Spanish-German project with international collaborators, proppelled and organized by the German Embassy.

The theoretical foundations of this exhibition lies on the thought developed by the german phylosopher Hannah Arendt and the french phylosopher Michel Foucault, both worried by the freedom of the individuals. Within this train of thought, with small paper works, sent by artists all around the world, a big wall of art has been created in the passage's central square.

En realidad. Centro Cultural "El Foro". Madrid
Access to information is a crucial element for the people to define their vision of reallity. It determines our opinion, alters our ways of understanding the world and influences heavily in our learning process and the experience of our circumstances.

I this way, it is inevitable to think in the ways of control that social forces apply on this information flow towards the rest of the individuals. The secrecy, censorship or manipulation are different forms to shape the response of society against power, forsee their actions and minimize their effects. Our attitude against it is crucial all over this process: to assume it or to question it. (Luis Manuel Gómez Abajo)

Artists: Sebastián Almazán, Irene Mohedano, Luis Manuel Gómez Abajo, Carlos Gavras and Javier Rodríguez Lozano

Salón de Verano (2014)
The Moncloa-Aravaca Junta Municipal del Distrito and the faculty of Bellas Artes at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, initiate this call, in which 20 works will enter the exhibition. It will be seen at the Centro Cultural Moncloa (Avd. de la Moncloa s/n) from the 1st of July to the end of September.

The selected finalists are: Alexander Ríos, Álvaro González, Ana de Fontecha, Elisa González, Eugenia Cuellar, Federico Mirón, Guillermo Masedo, Héctor Cataño, Irene Mohedano, Isabel Álvarez, Juan Patiño Herraiz, Leticia Villa Diez, María Vallina, Mario Espliego, Pablo Martínez Ballarín, Rafa Munárriz, Roberto da Silva, Salim Malla, Santiago Lara and Víctor Santamarina

Resistencia (2014)
The different meanings clustered around the word RESISTENCIA (RESISTANCE), add to works a significance of uninterrupted performance or ambiguity. In some sense, the very own meaning of RESISTENCIA, can be one thing or just the opposite as a way to the knowledge.

This exhibition by Irene Mohedano and Sebastián Almazán is articulated more as an afterthought device than as a series of pieces shown with the purpose of beign admired. This device is divided in two parts: in the anteroom light and video stablish the space. The next room has an installation nature, adapting the space to the different pieces.

On Friday the 14th, matching the opening, there is a piece in direct connection (via Skype) with a house in the center of Madrid where complementary actions are developed (pop up). A group of artists will watch through the computer the opening of the exhibition and will interact with the visitors.

Galería Cero EFTI (Photograph exhibition).

    The common ground between a scream and silence is their capacity to generate worry.

Minimos is not a colective exhibition of contemporary photography, but more than 120 photographers take part on it with as many photographs. Minimos is not an installation but it looks like it. Mínimos is not a 20 meters piece made thanks to the collaboration of a lot of photographers, but thats what it actually is.

Minimos is something else: it is a scream made of more than 120 whispers.

The Galeria Cero presents an exhibition by Ciuco Guitiérrez and Beatriz M. Barrio in which 120 photographers take part with a diversity of languages and enriching thematic. With this exhibition, the curators aim this proposal to be part of a global movement that is the sign of our time: the addition of a lot of small and inaudible voices, ends being a scream.

The selected pieces have been chosen among a thousand photographs and have been selected with the goal of them to be added to the others, being all of them part of a emotional lanscape through the review of photographic genres defining the pulse of the moment.

It is an exhibition of the concenrs of a generation. 120 whispers of young points of view of the recent photography which shows their fears, illusions, realities, environments... Photographers from different countries that despite of living different realities, have the same fears-illusions in common. Their strenght builds up the scream of a generation.

at Centro de Arte Complutense, Museo del Traje. Madrid.

Collaboration as performer in "Beating/Rest".

Se alquila mercado (2013)
The SeAlquila project, in its 3rd edition, turned the Mercado de la Cebada (Madrid) into a fleeting cultural center, days 16, 17 and 18th may 2013.

With the goal of using this commercial space in new ways, works by more that 150 artists were exhibited which reflected about the concept of market. There were also performances and discussion panels.

Golden Egg: Obra y ficha del artista